The 2024 Timetable is out now!

Kinder is a first taste of formal education and we want to set children up to feel like learning is FUN!

We want to create an environment where children THRIVE, enjoy their learning and come home full of positive stories from their day.

The continuity of 3 sessions over the week enhances opportunities to build social connections with peers, educators and develop a sense of well-being within their group. Our proactive parent reps also offer families social opportunities to build community connections over these 3 sessions.

The consecutive sessions for the 3s mean that a project that required lots of effort to create one afternoon can be revisited the next morning.

All morning classes in Butterfly Room start at 9am and all morning classes in Rainbow Room start at 8.30am.  This provides a choice to families and means less parking congestion.

Local school principals have often praised staff on the noticeable ‘readiness for school’ that our children exhibit when they get to school.

Our staff and Committee feel very passionate about maintaining our wonderful sessional kindergarten (over 3 sessions) with a quality education experience for your child as the main motivator for all critical decisions.