Our Commitee

Your independent community kindergarten

The Geelong West Kindergarten relies heavily upon a group of dedicated, volunteer parents known as the Committee of Management each year.

This Committee is responsible for such things as the employment of staff, organising fundraising events, the procurement of grants, monitoring the finances, arranging tradespeople for building or maintenance works, preparing and analysing a quality survey and more.

The Committee meets monthly to listen to reports from educators, the treasurer, administration officer and others as required.  They discuss current business and while working within our constitution and regulatory requirements, are always looking towards the continuous improvement and professional, efficient management of our centre.

The main positions on the Committee are:


Vice President



Fundraising Officer

Health and Safety Officer

Communications Officer

Maintenance Officer

Grants Officer

Sustainability Officer

and General Members.

There are also several positions such as Class Representatives and fundraising sub-committee members which, while valuable to the kindergarten, do not require attendence at the monthly meetings.

Our Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held in February each year.

Our Committee has been responsible for many major projects in recent times including a $300,000 buildings grant for the extension of the rainbow room, minor and major landscaping projects ($200,000+) which have resulted in the redevelopment of much of the outside area.