Bundjil and friends are coming to Geelong West Kindergarten next year!

The 2023 Timetable has been released and we thought this was a great time to change the group names to those of native animals in the Wadawurrung language.

  • The Barribin Group, formally Blue group, is named after the Turtle;
  • The Kawirr Group, formally Red group, is named after the Emu;
  • The Bundjil Group, formally Rainbow group, is named after the Wedge-tailed Eagle;
  • The Perridak Group, formally Koalas group is named after the Platypus;
  • The Lelon Group, formally Kangaroos group, is named after the Lizard; and finally,
  • The Walert Group, formally Possums group, is named after the Brush-tailed Possum.

We have chosen group names that are fairly easy to pronounce and if you have an iphone or an ipad, you can download the Wadawurrung Language – Intro on the app store and listen to them along with many other words.

We hope you are as excited as we are to learn these new words and learn more about the language of our First Nations people of this area.