Pre-kinder Program

Pre-kinder at Geelong West Kindergarten

Pre-kinder is a fundamental step in your child’s introduction to their education journey. At Geelong West Kindergarten we offer short session times which promotes optimal learning and a reduction in separation anxiety in some children.

Our class structure will allow your child to interact with the same group of children every session. This enhances their sense of belonging and provides a greater opportunity to form and build relationships.

We encourage all parents to participate in their child’s pre-kinder experience. Whether that is by doing parent duty or coming along to special activities we have throughout the year.

Our Pre-kinder program aims to gives your child an opportunity to develop:
  Social Skills
  Language, literacy and numeracy skills
  A joy for learning
  Participation in small and large group activities
  Self-awareness and respect for others
  Emotional regulation
  Exposure to new ideas and concepts

What did I achieve in 2 hours of kinder?

  • girl playing with play dough at kinder
    There is a clear path that all children’s brains take, but each child has his or her own rate. All of their new knowledge needs to be attached to old knowledge. (Giselle Institute study 2010) Short, sharp bursts or pre-kinder allows this to occur.

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If you would like to know more about our Pre-kinder program please feel free to contact us or you can find the enrolment information and pre-kinder timetable here.