Where your child’s love for life and learning is encouraged, nurtured and intrinsically instilled.


We strive to create a strong sense of community, while creating a caring and respectful environment.


Our centre prides itself on a strong sense of community, which began in 1922 when our premises were purpose-built. Whole families are welcomed as we value all the people in our children’s lives. Staff feel we are co-educators, working together with parents, as a partnership, to enhance the learning potential of each child.


We feel it is important for the children to recognise the community’s contributions and be aware of events that shape their environment.


We believe that children learn through extended periods of uninterrupted play, therefore as educators we base our programs on play-based learning experiences. We plan our program with knowledge of the children’s interests to foster their creativity and celebrate and encourage their efforts.


We encourage our children to have pride in themselves, their work and their physical environment. We promote a sense of caring for one another, our surroundings and our world.


Respect, friendliness, self worth and concern for others are important. Our goal is for the children to develop resilience, and interact with each other with empathy and respect. We aim to treat all children and their families equitably.


At Geelong West Kindergarten we give children the opportunity to become confident, involved learners; children who are connected with and contribute to their world. We teach the children to be individual and lifelong learners.


Please feel free to bring any questions about the programs or your child directly to us. If you wish to discuss anything at length, it is best to make an appointment out of session.